This is one we’d been thinking about for a few months.  A little more upmarket, heard many things said about it, close to the rivers and harbour area yet still so close to town.  Flagship Eatery for our breakfast date!


A Sunny Sunday morning, we rolled up just after 9.30am and found many of the seats inside and out already filled with patrons.  After a cheery welcome by one of the staff, we found ourselves a seat.

Our Order

Followed almost instantly by the cheery staff member, he presented us with a drinks menu (printed out on a quirky little clipboard), along with a food menu each.  As we began to look over the menu, he presented water to the table and poured us each a glass.. Service!


Having poured our waters, the waiter asked if we’d like a coffee.. 9.30am on a Sunday morning.. oh hell yes! So 2x Mochaccinos ($4.50ea = $9) were ordered… and rather quickly brought over too.


Some of the best coffees around! Nice beans, nice roast and tasty chocolate.  Having had time to check out the breakfast menu and after 11am menu (well, not that we could order from the after 11am menu but it was there lol), hubby and I both decided on Eggs Benedict with bacon (2x $19 = $38), his also included sausage and mushrooms ($4 per extra = $8).

First glance, not a bad serving size, although without his sides it might not have been enough to feed my typical coastie appetite hubby, but we’re always happy to see if quality prevails over quantity.. so we dug in….

AND OMG! Perfectly cooked eggs, like I mean PERFECT!! Runny, yet not racing around the plate, beautiful shape and fresh flavour.  The hollandaise sauce tasted great and with quite a few rashers of bacon, I the bacon addicted fiend, was in bliss!  There were slices of tomato beneath the bacon on the fresh lightly toasted bread that helped cut through with a taste of freshness, enhancing the taste even more.

And dare I say it, we both were satisfied with full tummys at the end (yep, I even stole some of hubbys mushrooms!) lol

So what do we reckon?

Service – It was great to walk into a place that was busy and still be warmly greeted, guided to a table and even have our water poured.  Quick happy service the whole way through!

Presentation of venue – Minimalist furnishings, bare wood bench seat running the length inside, wire seats across bare wood tables.  A painting that looked like it could have been concrete?  But closer to the frontage was warm brickwork, a few little cute stained glass windows to soften the atmosphere.  At least a dozen tables which works great for smaller groups or couples.

Presentation of food – Simple yet beautiful.  Large plates so serves looked deceptively small.

Length of meal – 40 minutes (thats that quick service I was talking about!)

Total cost – $55.00

Additional notes –

  • Great outdoor seating
  • Only open for breakfast and lunch. 7am -2.30pm weekdays, 8am-2.30pm weekends

The Paua Award

Fantastic service, delicious food, a little pricey but all in all a great Sunday morning breakfast at a great venue.  Yep we’d definately recommend this one and give it a rating of 4 & 1/2 out of 5 Pauas!


Their Details

Website – Flagship Eatery

14 Childers Road,
Gisborne 4010
06 2810372