Hubby and I hadn’t been out on a date for a while now, so it was time to do something about that!  Heading into town for a late night meeting, we decided to go in early and have dinner before the meeting.. and nearby.. Burger Wisconsin!

It was a Thursday night, weather a bit sour, but the place was open with a steady stream of people coming through.  We popped up to make our order and grabbed one of their comfy tables to wait.

Our Order

Taking our time to go over the different range of burgers available, Hubby ordered The Full Monty ($17.90) with added Avocado ($1.50).  I ordered a Petite Beef BBQ Bacon burger ($13.90) and added a serving a Kumara Fries ($5.90)  We also purchased a Phoenix Drink each (1x $2.10, 1x $4).  They didn’t tell us why the price difference, but I’m guessing that the fries along with drinks and burgers turned into a combo which saved us a bit of money.. Wooots.

Oh My Yummm! Cute little cardboard plates with lining and a burger bib to help catch spills while eating.  All surrounding the softest tastiest bread buns, juicy tender patties and fresh fillings.  I’m not joking.. these burgers!!! OMG is now officially OMY!!

Hubby barely talked to me as he ate, the only things he did manage to say were along the lines of “Yep, they cost, but damn worth it! even without the mushrooms”  (nope, sadly they don’t have mushrooms on any burgers or as a addon, but oooooh so worth it still).

I had dug into the kumara chips as soon as they arrived with our chosen ketchup sauce and not only were they super hot, but yum!!! Crunchy with a nice softness inside.. perfect fries.

Decent sized burgers that happily fed us both, topped with fries and of course our drinks that just hit the spot.

So what do we reckon?

Service – Friendly smiling young ladies who served and cooked, bringing our food to our table and farewelling us with a smile as we left.  Great service that left us with full tummies and full of smiles.

Presentation of venue – Small venue, only 6-7 tables which are a mixture of couples, small family and bar stool tables. Urban industrial feel to the venue, nice and clean, simple but smart.  A half wall separating the main entrance from the dining area, giving a bit of privacy to those eating in.  Great atmosphere.

Presentation of food – Simple, classic, decent portions that looked extremely appetising on arrival.

Length of meal – 20 minutes

Total cost – $45.30 (a wee bit ouchy for two burgers, two drinks and fries, but works great as a treat option)

Additional notes – 

  • They source local fresh ingredients and make their own burger patties and sauces.
  • Toilets on site
  • Nice small venue, great for intimate meals and also as a treat for family.

The Paua Award

This was an easy one to decide.  Lovely service, simple clean venue that was perfect for our date, delicious food, our only ouchy being that it was a bit pricey.  We happily give 4 & 1/2 out of 5 Pauas!


Their Details

Website – Burger Wisconsin

26 Gladstone Road,
Gisborne 4010
06 867 6442