Our baby turned 12 and her pick for dinner was Breakers!  After a few phone calls to invite the grandparents as well as her older brother and his family, then another call to book our table, our group of 9 adults and 1 baby rolled up at 7pm ready for a good family celebration.

It was Thursday night, which tonight meant the special deal was buy one steak meal and get a 2nd steak meal for free… so.. yep.. a few of us were definately going to be ordering that!

After sitting down at our reserved table in a very busy restaurant, and going over the menus, we finally went up and put in our orders.

Entree and Drinks

Knowing that the meal might take a while we made sure to order an entree to share on the table and when at Breakers, our favourite is the Cheesy Garlic Bread which we ordered 4 of for our table of 9 adults ($7.50 each = $30).

We also ordered our drinks from the bar which were very quick to come. 1x Export Cider ($6.50), 1x Iced Coffee ($6.20), 1x Large Orange Juice ($6), 1x Large Pineapple Juice ($6), 1x Large Feijoa Juice ($6.50), 3x Large Coke Raspberry ($5 ea = $15).


Almost did it again! So happy to see the food, we all dug in and just managed to pull the camera out and snap a pic LOL.  The cheesy garlic bread always goes down a treat and it a great little filler for hungry puku that might be kept waiting a bit due to a busy restaurant!


Yep, as you can guess, Steak was a favoured choice tonight due to the Thursday steak deal.  Our food choices for tonight were: 2x 300gm Scotch Fillet Steak meal ($32 ea = $64), 1x 300gm Scotch Fillet Steak meal with creamy mushroom side ($37), 1x New York Cut Sirloin Steak Meal with creamy mushroom side ($37), 1x Butter Chicken ($23), 1x Monster Burger ($20) 2x Lamb Shank meals ($28 ea = $56), 1x Grilled South Island Salmon ($28.90).

Wow! Each plate brought to the table was stunning in both portion size and presentation and it wasn’t long before we got stuck in.. not only to our own plates but also sharing and tasting each others dishes! lmao!  And what was great, was that it was the first time for 2 of our group to ever go to Breakers and they LOVED their meals!!!

We had a few comments from around the table to share on the blog:

Butter chicken – “Woah, look at all the chicken!”  And a very tasty thick sauce.

Lamb shanks – “The meat just fell off the bone, so sweet too”.

Scotch Steaks – “Really well cooked, delicious meat”

NY Sirloin Steak – “A bit chewy but tasty steak”

Monster Burger – “I love getting these burgers cos I know I’ll eat them all”

South Island Grilled Salmon – “Mmmm so nice”

Yes, as you can tell, we all really enjoyed our meals!


By the end of our mains, there was no way we could fit in dessert so with very full satisfied tummys, we chatted for a bit before saying our goodnights and heading home.

So what do we reckon?

Service – Yes, you have to go up and give your own orders in at the desk, but we always get a smile and friendly service!  As the night goes on there are more smiles as drinks and courses are brought to the table as well as whilst eating to see that everything is ok.  Great atmosphere!

Presentation of venue – Glad we booked our table tonight as on arrival the place was PACKED! but there was our table all nicely set up with our cutlery, menus and reservation placeholder.  A great floor design that ensures a degree of privacy at each table, without feeling like you are almost sitting on the next tables laps and spread out enough through the venue to enable families with kids and babies that much needed breathing space.

Presentation of food – A great presentation of each plate, great size to feed a typical coastie appetite, as well as making it feel like a fantastic treat out for the meal.

Length of meal – 1 hour 40 mins

Total cost – Initially $347.10.  Subtract 2x Steak meals $64, then Member discount of $21.91 and we paid $261.19.  That’s one hell of a saving!

Additional notes – 

  • Large capacity venue
  • Loyalty card which gives 10% on most things when used.
  • Family friendly with high chair for babies.
  • Jandal bar onsite with a pool table.
  • Unisex bathroom.
  • Lots of parking on the road as well as onsite parking.

The Paua Award

After alot of talking around the table and including our 2 new whanau members in on our blog activities, we agreed that after such a great night of excellent food that was well cooked and priced well (woohooo again for that steak deal!), tonight Breakers deserved 5/5 Pauas!!! Our first one ever given out but there was truly nothing to fault!


Their Details

Website – Breakers

152 Grey Street,
Gisborne 4010
06 867 7311