After a long day and none of us feeling up to cooking dinner, we decided it was a great night to head out for an easy dinner.  And after little discussion, our daughter decided McDonalds would be the choice tonight!

First time eating out on a Monday night in a long time, and what a great idea! No big crowds, easy choice of where to sit and could take our time picking what we wanted to eat.


First thing we did was head to the ordering kiosks cos hubby and I were in the mood for some ‘Create your taste’ burgers.

Our Order for Dinner

We let our daughter order first, and she chose a Large Double Cheeseburger Combo with chips and Frozen coke ($6.80).


I went next and created a bunless burger (on a breadless eating plan atm.. hence the lettuce wrap lol).  I created my burger with fillings of Swiss cheese, Crispy bacon, Tomato Slice, Caramelised Onion, Grilled Mushrooms and Aioli before making it into a Medium size combo with Coke Zero and Fries ($17.20).

Lastly hubby created his burger with a Baker Bun, 2x meat patties, Brie cheese slices, 1 Egg, Caramelised Onion, Grilled Mushroom, Lettuce, Tomato slice, Red Onion Rings, Big Mac Sauce and Tomato & Onion Relish.  He also made his into a Medium combo with L&P and fries ($21.20).


After popping our ticket up in the holder, it wasn’t long before our host brought our cups and daughters frozen coke to the table, also letting us know that our meal wouldn’t be long.  And not 10 mins later, we had our meals!


I barely had time to snap a picture as my daughter tore into her burger and frozen coke.  And as always, she loved it and polished it off easily!


What a gorgeous presentation!  Cute wooden boards with the burger and basket of fries on. It wasn’t til after hubby had already taken a few bites that our host came back with the ‘missing’ egg in a carton and an apology.  To be honest, hubby was so happy with his burger that he hadn’t even noticed the missing egg! LOL. Bits were dripping out the sides and being mopped up with his chips and after he had finished he admitted that it hadn’t needed the egg anyway.  He’s now officially addicted to the Create your taste Burgers.. woooohoooo!

Unwrapping mine, I dug in and honestly, didn’t miss the buns at all!  So much deliciousness in the fillings that at one point I’m sure hubby was eyeing up mine!!!  Not able to eat all my chips, I passed them over to eagle eyed hubby for him to finish up.

So what do we reckon?

Service – Create your taste burgers, means that a host will deliver your entire order to your table, yep, even when the restaurant is busy.  And our host tonight was a very friendly young guy with a smile all the way.

Presentation of venue – True to McDonalds international standards, well laid out for a variety of groups, as well as different styles throughout the restaurant to suit whatever mood you may be in.

Presentation of food – Yes, there is still the typical wrapped burger and fries in a carton, but I absolutely love the way the Create your taste combos are presented.  That little bit extra flair that makes a meal down at Maccy D’s just a bit more special.

Length of meal – 40 mins

Total cost – $45.20

Additional notes – 

  • A tried and tested formula for a family restaurant that still works.
  • Family friendly venue with a playground for younger children.
  • Private room that can be booked for groups.
  • 4 main seating areas.
  • Order either using the staff at the counter or through the self help kiosks.
  • Open 24hrs
  • Adult style McCafe for all those specialist coffees, muffins, etc.

The Paua Award

A great easy dinner with pleasant service, easy casual setting that left us feeling full and satisfied.  Great price and surprisingly great homestyle like burgers.  Easy to give this meal a 4.5/5 Pauas.  Well, probably helps that we created them ourselves, but that is part of the beauty!!


Their Details

Website – McDonalds

30 Bright Street,
Gisborne 4010
06 867 9351