Valentines meant the perfect excuse for another couple date and we decided to go back to one we’ve visited a few times last year.  With a quick call to book our table for two, our dinner date was all set!

Rolling up to the Jolly just before 6.30pm, first thing we noticed was that it was packed!!! Lots of diners inside and outside as well as some of the locals down for a few, cos yep, its one of the local pubs as well as a great place for a meal!


Whew, it was a hot day so drinks were definately ordered!  Our waiter showed us to our seats and passed us the clipboard menus before asking what we wanted to drink.. and omg I was hot and thirsty.  One Gisborne Harvest Citrus Cider ($7) for me and a Steinlager for hubby($8).


Truly, the Gisborne Harvest Cider – Citrus is one of my absolute favourites! Found it while dining at the Jolly last year and every time I go, I order it.  Light, refreshing and yummy!!! Go the locals!!!


With this hot weather we’d been having lately we didn’t want to eat too much, so decided on no entree.  Mains however was a difficult choice! So many things we wanted to try and that sounded appealing but finally we settled on The Steak for hubby($36) and Pasta of the day for myself which today was Lasagne($26).


Whoopsy, they’d made a small mistake.  Hubby had asked to have his chips changed out for kumara chips instead of potato chips.  Plate was returned to kitchen before we were advised there would be a 10 min wait.  They then offered for him to have his plate back as it was so he could dig in and start eating, it had been about a 40 min due to the crowd dining in, and they would then provide the kumara chips ($8) once ready as a side.  Yep, we were happy with that, so his plate back on the table we dug in! OMG! Yum is not a good enough word to describe!  My lasagne was huge, yep, pub styles! with about 7 pasta layers with all the good stuff in between! and soooooo tasty!  As for hubbys steak, he reckons it the best steak hes EVER had! Now that is saying something because he often has steak when we eat out, so heavy recommendation that one is! We ended up eating our mains and approx 2 mins later our kumara chips were brought out.  I also ended up ordering another Harvest Citrus Cider ($7).


o.O  where are they, you might be thinking?! Well, it was my turn to do an oopsy, we just LOVE kumara chips and dug right in before remembering to take a photo LOL. Sorry, but they truly were delish! hehe

No dessert cos by now we were stuffed!!

So what do we reckon?

Service – Very busy venue but plenty of staff on to ensure that hearty welcome and good service.  Drinks prompt, food served within a reasonable amount of time considering the crowd and our kumara chip issue sorted quick smart with a big smile.

Presentation of venue – Great setup.  Bar on entry as well as lots of seating of mixed styles outside (I’ll get some better pics of it next time we go, I didn’t want to ruffle feathers of the punters by snapping pics of them all lol).  Dining area out rear which is more private and is split into two areas, one offering even more privacy.  Great atmosphere.

Length of meal – 1 hour 15 mins

Total cost – $84  Ok, if you do your math, somethings weird here.  And we were pleasantly surprised to find that they didn’t end up charging us for the kumara chips which are normally a side anyways.  Woots.

Additional notes – 

  • Family friendly venue with high chairs for babies.
  • Bar / pub at front of venue.
  • Lots of outdoor seating and indoor seating.
  • Huge carpark.
  • Guaranteed friendly service.
  • Theme nights held often.
  • Locally owned and operated.

The Paua Award

Even with the heat (I was sitting by a door so got that nice cool dining breeze), the crowd (yep its a popular venue!), and the kumara chip episode, we found it was yet again a wicked place to have a meal at! Dare I say, one of our favourites!  I do! lol So of course its getting a good Paua Award review!  4.5/5 Pauas and definately well earned!


Their Details

Website – The Jolly Stockman

3 Sale Yards Road,
Gisborne 4071
06 867 8879