Another fantastic birthday for a family member and for this one we chose to head down to Breakers.

We made our booking and rolled on in @ 7pm.  The area where we had been placed was near the door and very noisy as it was also close to the bar and pool table area, so after asking if it was ok to move, which it was, we moved to a slightly more private and quieter area.


Menus on the table with cutlery, we made our selections and headed up to the counter to place our orders.  Having a breakers card we got a discount on our price and paid it before sitting down and waiting.


We weren’t really too hungry tonight so decided we’d share some Bacon & Cheese wedges ($16).


Hot hot hot but yum yum yum!!! We also purchased some drinks from the bar which were Medium Juice ($5), Medium Raspberry Coke ($4.50), 2x Monteiths Cider ($7.40 each)


Tonight it was an assortment of dishes. And we were ready!  We picked Sirloin Steak ($25), Fish Burger ($16.50), NZ Lamb Shank – double the shank ($40), Piha Pork Loin ($28.50), Seafood Basket ($29.50) and another Bacon & Cheese wedges ($16.00).  We also purchased a jug of Orange Juice ($12.50) and a jug of Lemonade ($8.50) for the table.




We dug in and did not leave a thing besides the bones, on the plates!  The steak was delicious, wedges hot and crisp, yet soft in the middle.  Lamb shanks were fantastic, such soft meat! The fish burger could have had a little more fish in it, which was delicious btw,  although the buns were a bit too hard.  The seafood basket was very tasty, all the favs, well cooked and nice fresh fish.  Sadly the piha pork was a bit dry but the crackling was happy days moments!  All in all a good meal!  The juice was so refreshing, however something was odd with the lemonade.. it had a bit of fizz but definately wasn’t sprite.


I don’t know how they did it!!  By now I was leaning back in my seat with a super full tummy, but wanting that little bit extra, they grabbed the kids menu and a few of them ordered the $5 kids desserts.  A good size.  Not too big, but just right to finish the meal off they said.  1x Jelly and ice cream, 1x donut and ice cream, 1x chocolate fudge and ice cream, 1x banana boat.  All for $5 each. ($20 total).

Ooopsy, sorry, forgot to take photos as I was super stuffed and couldn’t believe they were eating more! LOL

So what do we reckon?

Service – Moderately busy venue.  Table is laid out if you book but you take your own orders to the counter. Friendly staff who came out to check during meal that we were ok.

Presentation of venue – Good setup for families and large groups.  All open and acoustic however which means noisy at times.  One large eating area with a few cute little seats and bar located around a dividing wall.  Very tidy and welcoming.

Presentation of food – Very well done.  A step up from a good home cooked meal with great presentation and good sized portions.

Length of meal – 1 hour 15 mins

Total cost – $223.30 –> $204.05 (yep, it definately costs to take the family out!)

Additional notes –

  • A loyalty card which gives a 10% discount when used.
  • Family friendly venue with high chairs for babies.
  • Bar adjoining.
  • Unisex bathroom.
  • Lots of parking onsite.
  • Vouchers and gift cards available.

The Paua Award

After finally managing to walk, we decided it was a good night, especially me since it meant I didn’t have to cook! ^_^ Didn’t take us much to give Gisborne Breakers 3.5/5 Pauas.  Good ole home cooking flashed up to look the part when going out!  Yay for not having to do dishes!


Their Details

Website – Breakers

152 Grey Street,
Gisborne 4010
06 867 7311