Now before you say something, no we don’t own it, we don’t work there and don’t know the owners or workers personally… we just really enjoyed our dinner there last week so decided to take the family back for Hubbys Birthday Breakfast!

All you can eat Breakfast Buffet!

Yes, you read it right.. All you can eat!   And what a better way to start a birthday than by filling up the pukus!

There were 7 of us, hungry and keen to dig in.  I had called and made a booking to let them know there would be a few of us and the time we were heading in.  This ensured beautifully hot food and freshly cooked and restocked for us.

The Breakfast Buffet

Available from 8am til 11am, we arrived just after 8.30am and there was already food waiting in the bain maries for us.  We were also told that they would maintain the food for us to keep coming back and helping ourselves.  Big smiles already and we hadn’t even touched the food yet! lol


The buffet after my family had all helped themselves and it was my turn to do up a plate.


Mmmm beautifully fluffy scrambled eggs (seriously, those eggs were amazing!), lightly fried tomatoes, baked beans, hash browns just like McDs makes them lol, beautifully browned sausages and can’t forget the bacon!  You can just see the empty dish that was filled with french toast, empty cos the family loved them!


And of course, cereals, make your own toast, one of the best fruit salads (it had fresh grapes and raspberries in it!!!) plus delicious raspberry and chocolate muffins.

Summer morning seating

We decided since the weather was already nice and warm at 8.30-9am that we’d sit outside and it was a great idea!


A few of us went back for seconds, a bit more bacon, another muffin, while the rest of us enjoyed our lovely hot coffees, hot chocolate or juice.  And yes, it was buffet, so everyone literally ate til they were full.


Now unlike my usual blog posts where I list the food as we eat them, this time there was only one price for the food.

$18 per person.

Yep, that covered all food and cold water.  We also ordered coffees ($4.70) and juices ($4) to go with our breakfast.



So what do we reckon?

Service – Immediate service as we walked in the door.  Guided to choose our own seating that suited us and had water brought straight to the table while being informed to help ourselves to the buffet and that they would continue to top up.  Consistent service, checking for our orders of coffees, etc as well as continuous clearing of our dishes.  Lovely service with a smile, that was a great start to our day!  As we were paying and leaving, we were also informed that they will be starting crepes which will be available all day as of Tuesday 17th Jan, so looks like we’ll be heading back there again lol.

Presentation of venue – Great outdoor seating areas, even in the early morning hours, as well as the indoor eating areas.

Presentation of food – Well laid out, beautifully hot and well cooked presentation of a buffet.  Constantly being replenished which was great.

Length of meal –  Already served and ready waiting for us to help ourselves.  Even with us lingering over our coffees, the kids were still able to go and pick at more food.  Stayed there for just over an hour enjoying it.

Total cost – $157.50

Additional notes –

  • Loyalty card which rewards $1 per $10 spent.  Lists the credit gained from the meal at the bottom of the receipt.
  • Highchairs for babies.

The Paua Award

What a great start to Hubbys birthday by sharing his birthday breakfast together.  By consensus of the group, we give the White House 4/5 Pauas.  The food was good and the service was fantastic!



Their Details

Website – The White House

69 Peel Street,
Gisborne 4010
06 867 1112

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