Today my husband took me out for dinner.  Yep, he’s pretty good like that, esp when I tell him we need to go on a date ^_^ .  Anyhow, he did the ringing around, checked if a reservation was needed (amazingly, I know!), none was, so we rolled up just after 6pm.

Being a wednesday, the restaurant was rather empty, so after ordering our drinks (woohoo for ginger beer), we happily found our way to the garden area through the building to the rear.


Sunny, quiet, secluded, perfect!  It didn’t take long for the wait staff to come out with our menus and drinks.  Sipping on our ginger beers, we browsed the menus.  We noticed that they advertised international nights and buffet nights.  Would have to check them out another time, as tonight it was the usual dinner menu.


We always like to start with something, as mains can take a bit of time preparing.  This time we chose the cheesy garlic bread ($8) along with the trio of dips ($5), as well as the deep fried camembert($12).


Ooopsy, I forgot to take the photo til after we’d started eating it so here’s half of it anyways LOL.  We got 5 slices of cheesy garlic bread, along with the trio of dips which were sundried tomato, olive and pesto.  Delicious!  And the camembert, well, lets just say my hubby is again in love!  Yep, definately a winner on the entrees!


With just enough time to chat and post the photo of our entree to fb for whanau and friends to see, our table was reset and the mains followed shortly afterwards. Hubby had chosen the Pork Belly ($32) and I picked the Caesar Salad with chicken ($18.50).


To be honest, when hubbys arrived the first thing he said to me was “what the hell, where’s the rest of it?”  Yep, gourmet styles lol. But by the end of eating it he was feeling very full (go the entrees 😉 ).  The crackling was a bit salty for him, but I happily ate it in his stead.  The pork belly though, he adored!  My caesar salad had me struggling to finish it.  The sauce, which is their own special dressing, was delish!! A fair amount of bacon and the chicken cooked well.  A little bit dry, but not too much so.  And I did end up leaving some of the croutons at the end.  Chocolate and cheese though, damn, never mixed it before, but will now! (check top corner of my plate).  All in all, a delicious mains.


Struggling with our mains, we decided to risk getting desserts, especially since they serve one of hubbys favourites. Sticky date pudding.  So yep, it was sticky date pudding for hubby ($9), and the apple tart ($9) for myself.


Don’t they look divine! And yes, they tasted rather divine too!  Hubby thoroughly enjoyed his sticky date pudding, demolishing it with the vanilla ice cream quicker than you could say “BILL PLEASE” lol.  Nice and moist with a fantastic caramel sauce, his was a winner.  The ice cream that came with my apple tart was walnut and maple, and it was delish!  The tart was well cooked, apples nice and firm, although I was disappointed with the caramel.  I felt I got it on my plate just cos they made it up for hubbys dessert.  But oh well, it still rocked!

So what do we reckon?

Service – On the whole, very quiet venue during our meal, so we had friendly, fast service.

Presentation of venue – At least 3 large areas, all different styles for the restaurant as well as 2 more upstairs.  Each very well presented and welcoming.

Presentation of food – Absolutely gorgeous.  Well timed.  Good sized portions.

Length of meal 1 hour 15 mins

Total cost – $103.50

Additional notes –

  • A loyalty card which rewards $1 per $10 spent.  Can be saved and used at leisure against further meals as a discount.
  • Family friendly venue that also has a bar.
  • Private room that can be used for family occasions.
  • Large upstairs room for larger event hireage.

The Paua Award

After a great night out and with mutual agreement, we give the White House 4/5 Pauas.  Yep these coasties were happy with the meal out!


Their Details

Website – The White House

69 Peel Street,
Gisborne 4010
06 867 1112

Email:Restaurant & Cakes –

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