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Breakfast @ Flagship Eatery

...a great Sunday morning breakfast at a great venue...

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Dinner Date @ Burger Wisconsin

They source local fresh ingredients and make their own burger patties and sauces..

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Birthday @ Breakers

Our baby turned 12 and her pick for dinner was Breakers! ¬†After a few phone calls to invite the grandparents as well as her older brother and his family, then another call to book our table, our group of 9... Continue Reading →

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Easy Dinner @ McDs

After a long day and none of us feeling up to cooking dinner, we decided it was a great night to head out for an easy dinner....

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Valentines Dinner @ The Jolly Stockman

its one of the local pubs as well as a great place for a meal!

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A Birthday @ Breakers

Good ole home cooking flashed up to look the part when going out! Yay for not having to do dishes!

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Anniversary Dinner @ Soho

Wow!!! What a wicked looking presentation! But....

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Japanese Lunch Date @ Yoko Sushi

Hot day, sweet rice, cool seaweed salad... aaaah life was looking good!

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Hubbys birthday @ The White House

... we just really enjoyed our dinner there last week so decided to take the family back for Hubbys Birthday Breakfast!

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The White House

We noticed that they advertised international nights and buffet nights. Would have to check them out another time, as tonight it was the usual dinner menu.

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